The features that serves all needs of every stakeholder

With various feature, each stakeholder will access the efficient services platform that guarantee their satisfaction via the implementation of blockchain technology as a backbone of energy trading.

Household & Small Business

The residential users who insist on buying solar energy from neighbors at the acceptable prices. Including users who install their solar panels can enjoy selling their excess energy at their satisfaction price.


Optimal Trading Algorithm

Trading Agent

Blockchain Base

Industrial Enterprise

Users who operate their business in an industrial area which consume and produce a huge amount of electricity energy for its processes.


Specialized Trading Algorithms

Various Energy Source Support

Multiple Solar Location


An organization who provides energy service technical support for preventing a power outage case. Moreover, control and maintain reliability and security in power systems in order to improve the system efficiency.


Wheeling Charge Adjustment

Power System's Evaluation

Metering And Monitoring


An organization who regulates the standard of the market, sets the range of suitable prices, and prevents the lack of complete efficiency, including conducting the energy policy.


Pricing Structure Control

Activity Monitoring

Permit Issuing

Aggregator and Trader

The user who coordinates between the small users and the industrial users by aggregating such as the production group of small prosumers with an option as a trading agent. This user type will balance the market.


Virtual Power Plant

Load Aggregating

Billing Report

The trading that benefits not only stakeholders but also energy technology market.

Simplify Real Life

Simplify Real Life

Ease of use on web based platform, user friendly with one time setting and automate trading

Lower Electricity Price

Lower Electricity Price

Purchase green energy from your neighbors with your satisfied price

Promote Renewable Energy

Promote Renewable Energy

Able to make a profit with your renewable energy source

Digitize Electricity Information

Digitize Electricity Information

Easy to access historical data and make a smart decision

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Latest Projects

Energy Trading Project of Biogas in PEA sandbox at Nakhon Ratchasima

Gladly, Gideon is having a great chance to implement our trading platform in the PEA sandbox that allows Gideon to apply our platform in other energy sources apart from solar energy.

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